The ODM Super Sewer™ – Ideal for Sewing Short Run Books On-Demand!

The Super Sewer is an automatic in-line sewing machine designed for on-demand photo books, yearbooks, journals, children's (juvenile) books and thin (up to 1/2” thick) text books. Easy to operate with a touch screen control panel. Super Sewer features Back Tack Technology™ simply put, the sewing machine does a reverse back stitch on the head and foot of the book block. This ensures a very strong side sew which will not come apart at the head and foot like standard side sewn books normally do.

The Super Sewer can stitch up to 10 books per minute; that's 600 books per hour.

• Automatically back sews both head and foot of each book
• Lock-stitch sewing
• CE Approved • Self-adjusting, automatic in-line sewing machine
• Easy-to-operate LCD touch screen control panel
• Safety guard box lifts open for easy access
• Hopper delivery
• Quick change bobbin
• Built-in catching basin neatly stacks sewn books
• Book Size: Min. 4” x 6”; Max. 14” x 18”; up to 1/2” thick

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