Morris Publishing

Morris Publishing

On Demand Machinery installs an automated Super Sticker™ and Super Smasher™ with transfer station at Morris Publishing.

On Demand Machinery has installed their latest, automated casing-in and building-in machines at Morris Publishing located in Kearney, Nebraska. The new ODM auto-feed transfer station allows for a seamless assembly line for hard cover book production from the casing-in to the building-in process. Cased-in hard cover books come off the Super Sticker™ conveyor belt and are automatically transferred into the Super Smasher™ for building-in. Ideal for producing high volume ‘library-quality’ hard cover books on demand.

Morris Publishing specializes in short-run book printing and bindery services for self-published authors. Morris Publishing has printed millions of books for individuals, businesses, and small book publishers, including poetry, fiction, religious, how-to, and local histories, as well as books and manuals for companies and organizations. They even have a separate division that specializes in cookbook publishing.

View demo movie on ODM’s automated casing-in and building-in machines with transfer station at:



Cased-in book comes off Super Sticker™ conveyor belt.


Hard cover book is lifted 90º into an upright position and loaded into Super Smasher™ via conveyor belt.


3. Electronic eyes align book, insuring a smooth transfer into Super Smasher™ for building-in process.