FotoKnudsen AS of Norway

FotoKnudsen AS of Norway

The largest photo company in Norway, installs ODM Casemaking System™, Sticker™ and Smasher™.


On Demand Machinery is proud to announce another global installation. FotoKnudsen AS of Norway has recently installed ODM’s Casemaking System™, Sticker™ (casing-in) and Smasher™ (building-in) for producing photo books on demand.
FotoKnudsen AS is the largest photo company in Norway with annual revenue of about $50 million and 230 employees. They are operating in three channels, mail order, retail stores and web. Their website ( is one of the largest in Norway, and they currently archive over 200 million images for their customers. They have a main central photo lab in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, and over 30 retail stores in prime locations mostly in the largest cities. They’ve had great success in marketing and sales with new photoproducts like photo books, canvas, poster and photo gifts.
“We chose ODM as our supplier for cover making and binding of our growing volume of photo books because of the great flexibility, efficiency and quality of their equipment. ODM has been a valuable resource and partner for us in building and establishing a highly successful top quality production line for on demand photo books. I highly recommend ODM’s casemaking equipment to anyone looking for an efficient solution for producing high quality photo books.”


Ronny Kvalvaagnes, CTO
FotoKnudsen AS
Bergen, Norway