Bookbinding Made Simple!

HowToGuide_2011_CoversAugust 5, 2011

Bookbinding Made Simple! New Edition of ODM’s ‘How-To’ Guide

Printers and photo labs can add value to their finished product by adding a hard cover.
On Demand Machinery has just updated the ‘How To’ guide on hard cover bookbinding and its application in producing books for the on-demand digital industry. This ‘How To’ produce hard cover books pamphlet is for the benefit of on-demand book publishing, photo labs and manufacturing personnel engaged in digital printing. ODM looked beneath the cover to see just what takes place from the time printed sheets are delivered from on-demand digital printers until the finished book is in the customer’s hands. ODM will take you on a guided tour explaining the definitions and terminology with graphic illustrations and photographs. You will learn exactly what is involved in the hard cover bookbinding process – from Sewing and Casemaking to Casing-in and Building-in. ODM will show you how easy it is to produce hard cover books on demand for single and large quantities with virtually no make ready. Download your eight-page pamphlet.

To view the full How To PDF, Click Here.