The ODM brand of book binding machinery enabled Wrap-Ups to enter into the ‘short run’ case binding market.


PHOTO CAPTION: Next Generation of Bookbinding Machines… the ODM XXL Series Right to left: Casemaking System™, Sticker™ XXL and Smaher™ XXL

“Wrap-Ups takes great pride in being the provider of necessary print finishing services to the trade since 1980. We possess a vast amount of knowledge in soft cover adhesive binding, including but not limited to PUR and/or Lay-Flat binding. With the continued evolution of digital printing, it seemed a natural fit for us to enter into the ‘short run’ case binding market. We feel there is a market to serve, and the ODM brand of machinery gives us the equipment to fit the need. The training and customer service support we have received from ODM has been excellent. Thank you!”

Jonathan Niezing is President of Wrap-Ups, Inc. located in Fenton, Missouri.

Wrap-Ups is more than just another bookbinding company, they are a professional, dedicated and close-knit team of people who enjoy what they do. Their dedication and commitment to excellence shows in everything they do.

On Demand Machinery recently installed their XXL Series of bookbinding equipment that enabled Wrap-Ups to produce on-demand, case-bound, hard cover books in-house. It’s fast and easy to produce your own ‘library-quality’ hardcover books. The ODM bookbinding case making system is easily ‘scalable’ to fit your production requirements.